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24th Borstal Scout Group

How You Can Help

Scouting does not happen on its own. it did once back at the beginning of the last century when Baden-Powell published Scouting for Boys and his readership started to form patrols and go off to camp and do the things he wrote about. However they soon needed adults to help them and Scouting has been asking people to help ever since.

The 24th Borstal Scout Group is no exception, we need help in all sorts of places...

At Section Meetings and Events: -

Every Section could do with more Leaders but we appreciate that not everyone can commit to every week and so there is an Occasional Helper Role for those people who would like to help out during Section meetings and events when they are available.

If you have a skill or hobby that our young people would be interested in then let a Leader know what it is. Each Section runs a full and varied programme and the Leaders do not have a monopoly on good ideas. if you are a carpenter or a cook, a builder or a  bus driver,a minister or a master chef, then I am sure that you could interest them in what you do. Or do you have an unusual hobby that you could talk to them about? We have regular visits from 'The Spider Man' who keeps snakes and insects as pets and from a medieval armourer who brings along all of his weaponry and suits of armour for them to look at and try on while learning about our history. Perhaps you know someone else who enjoys an unusual hobby in their spare time.. anyone know a falconer?

As a Fund Raiser: -

We also need people to help us behind the scenes. People to help us raise the cash that we have to raise each year just to keep going. We run jumble sales and quiz nights; we pack bags at supermarkets and sell tea and cakes at a large open air event each year; Would you like to help us? We always need extra hands at our fund raising events, we cannot do it all on our own. We are always open to other fund raising ideas and would welcome suggestions.

As a member of our Executive Committee:-

The Group Exec' is there to help organise the administration of the Group, making sure that funds are raised, bills are paid and that the Headquarters building is kept in good order. We endeavour to recruit parents of young people in the Group so that we get feed back via them  to make sure that everyone is happy. We also have members without children in a Section but who want to be involved and support what we do.

As  a member of 'Parental Taxis'

'Parental Taxis' are how we get about to events such as Camp, Days Out or other activities away from the HQ in Borstal.

To keep the costs of events down to the absolute minimum we have run a scheme within the Scout Section for many years where parents will organise amongst themselves to transport Scouts to and from events that are a distance from the Scout HQ.

The idea is now to expand this scheme to any parent who wouldl like to volunteer their time, vehicle and donate the petrol or diesel etc and to form a directory of  'Parental Taxi Drivers'.

If you would like to join the scheme then all that is required is a simple CRB check (all adults coming into contact with our youth members must be CRB checked) and you can then go on the rota. Please download and complete the 'Occasional Helper Form' and then contact Graeme for more details

Or Just Come and have Fun: -

We run a few social events during the year as we believe in having fun as well; why not come along and join us on one of our walks and bring your family and friends as well; or come and join us at our Summer Bar B Q.

For more information please contact a Section Leader.

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