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24th Borstal Scout Group

About the Scout troop

Whilst our Headquarters is in Borstal; we try to get out as much as possible, especially in the summer months, making good use of our District Camp Site at Buckmore Park. We enjoy taking part in District organised events and so far in the last year we attended the Conker Bash, the District Quiz and we are planning to take part in the District Hike and several of our Scouts will be completing their expedetion.

We organise several camps ourselves during the year and encourage all our Scouts to take part in as many as they can. Since the year 2000, we have started the year's camping with a weekend at Gilwell Park's Winter Camp over the second weekend of January. We have been invited for many years to join the Cub Pack on their annual weekend activity camp. In addition we run an annual week long camp and organise as many other weekend camping events as we can manage to fit in around the Leaders other commitments.

We have a commitment to international Scouting and each year we help to raise funds to support Scouting in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa; see The South Africa Connection for more information about our projects in The Rainbow Nation.

Our Scouts are also encouraged to take part in other Scouting events and activities arranged at a county level, organising their attendance themselves.


Scouts wear a teal green shirt or blouse, navy blue activity trousers or skirt, a group scarf with a woggle, and a Scout belt.


The Scout flag is dark green, bearing the Scout symbol and Motto.

It's good to Talk

Keeping in touch is always difficult; we all start off with the best of intentions but something always happens and suddenly people are saying things like 'Well I didn't know that was happening' or 'I didn't know that the plans had changed'

In an attempt to make communications easier we have created a Facebook page for the Troop. This is a closed or 'secret group' and as such you have to be invited in to see what is being published there, but once in it is where we can (and do) publish pictures of the Scouts doing what we do. Very often we can publish these as the event is happening rather than having to wait until we are back home to load them onto this web page.

if you have a 'Facebook' presence and you are not yet a member of our Page then drop an email to scouts@borstalscouts.org.uk and we will send you an invite.

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