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24th Borstal Scout Group

24th Borstal Scouts to Defend Conker Bash Trophy

21st October 2014

24th Borstal Scouts to Defend Conker Bash Trophy

24th Borstal Scouts to Defend Conker Bash Trophy

This coming Friday, 24th October, Medway Towns District Scouts wil lgather at the 41st Scout HQ to do battle once again to find this year's Conker Champion

Last year's winner, Johb Treeby, will hand the trophy back to the ADC Scouts so that it can be awarded to the victorous Scout at the end of the competition.

Author: Trevor Banks


Well, Johb handed the trophy back at the start of the evening and after a fantastic competition he brought it home again having been crowned as Conker Bash Champion 2014! WELL DONE JOHB WHAT A TERRIFIC EFFORT.

Skip - 25th October 2014 at 9:01am

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